Recording Feature for spwave

During my 2A co-op work term at ScanSoft, Inc, I added recording feature to a great software called spwave.

I got the motivation after hearing the QA manager at ScanSoft say that his unregistered CoolEdit doesn’t allow him to record voice and save it as wav format.

At the time I was using spwave to play files saved in ulaw format, so I was aware of spwave. It is open source and has wide range of support for different file formats.

I was also sure that spwave can support read/write to wav file format since it utilizes libsndfile.

libsndfile library is what I used when writing some part of OCVolume in C. I successfully used libsndfile to read from wav files and perform various pre-processing techniques on the input signal.

I believed that spwave can be modified to suit that QA manager’s needs, so I took some time to add the recording feature. spwave’s author already has recording functionality written for one of his other programs, so what I had to do was integrate the recording functions into spwave.

My modification can be downloaded below in both binary and source:

spwave-0.6.8 binary

spwave-0.6.8 source