February 17, 2019 / Moneydance, finance

Moneydance is a personal finance software that helps to track your money and investments. There is no subscription cost. Once I paid for the software I own it forever. It’s cross-platform so for a person that uses multiple OS, including Linux on desktop, it’s perfect for me. My wife can use it too and we keep track of our finances with it. It’s one of those software that I’m happy to pay for.

Recently I found out that there is a new 2019 release and that there’s a 50% discount for 2015 license holders. My 2015 Moneydance copy is still good and works fine, but I decided to upgrade to 2019 to get the new improvements and also to keep supporting a software that I like.

What I like the most about the new version is the improved performance. The 2015 version kept every change made in a bunch of small files, which made opening and closing of the app slower. With the 2019 version the speed is much quicker!

The company behind Moneydance, The Infinite Kind, apparently also made DuckDuckGo’s iOS and Android apps. That’s pretty cool.