Available Five Letter .com Domains

March 24, 2016 / dotcom, domain

A little while ago I came across Flippa. It’s a marketplace that allows people to sell domain names they own. It was surprising to me to see 4-letter domain names being sold on there. I guess I just haven’t been paying attention to domain names. Aside from .com domains, I also saw 4-letter .org domain names like ocag.org being sold. A 4-letter .org piqued my interest since it’s short, but I really don’t know whether I should buy one or not. Instead of doing an impulse purchase I waited and decided to investigate a bit. In order to get a sense of what’s out there, I wrote a script that allows me to exhaustively check for domain availability. I’ll go through the details below, but basically unless it’s a 4-letter combination that you like don’t waste your money. There are still a bunch of random 4-letter .org left.

4-letter English Word .org

First, I grabbed a list of common English words that are 4 letters long and I ran the list through my checker. At the end of it I actually found sild.org still available, but it wasn’t that great of a domain so I didn’t grab it. Interestingly it was taken by a squatter couple hours later on the same day. So now there are probably no 4-letter English word .org left.

4 Random Letter .org

Next I generated all possible 4-letter domains (excluding ones containing numbers) and checked them all. I found that there are still around two thousand 4-letter .org left when I checked. This is why if you’re just buying some random 4-letter .org, then it’s not worth it unless it’s a combination you like.

For example, ayyo.org at the time of writing is still available. It’s pretty nice and if all you’re looking for is a short domain, why pay someone else when you can just find an available one. In my opinion ayyo.org is even nicer than ocag.org and sild.org. Looking on Flippa, you also see other garbage domains being sold for $25 like fngr.org or sdhd.org.

No thanks.

I won’t publish everything I found here because I don’t want to help squatters too much. Contact me if you want me to suggest one for you, or frankly write a script and go check it yourself.

Common English Word .org

I also grabbed a list of common English words and checked those for .org availability. Nothing really all that interesting to me in there, but there are 800+ available so maybe there’s something for you. Like for example dropsy.org is available at the time of writing. If you like it, consider it a reward for reading this post. Also available: jerkin.org & zshops.org.

5-letter & 6-letter .org

I also checked for longer lengths to see what’s out there. There are still interesting stuff that you can grab. cutesy.org was available when I checked, but looks like it got registered at the end of February. sixmo.org is available at the time of writing if that’s of interest to anyone.

In general though, I only really care about .com. I bought a .org before and experienced first-hand having to remind my wife that it’s a .org.

4-letter .com

On Flippa you also see 4-letter .com domain names being sold. Those are a different story. I checked all 4-letter .com domain names and indeed they’re all gone. I didn’t check for names including digits since I’m not all that interested in those, but I expect those to be taken too. So if somebody is selling a 4-letter .com you like, go for it.

5-letter .com

My exploration continues to 5-letter .com domain names. There are 82977 still available when I checked couple months ago. You can find things like dvdyo.com (DVD Yo! For those starting a DVD shop in 2016) and aomae.com. There’s actually someone with aomae WordPress blog, so if he/she wants a .com it’s just sitting there.


In the end I have a much better picture of the remaining availability and can better judge if I should pull the trigger on some random domains I come across. I don’t want to publish everything since that’ll just help squatters, but if you’re just looking for a short random letters domain then send me a note.