Home Screen Customizer for Windows Mobile

In 2009, Microsoft launched Windows Marketplace for Mobile. After some brainstorming to figure out what I could contribute to it, I settled on the idea of writing a touch friendly UI for customizing the Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen. I went ahead and developed a tool that is easy to use and achieved great success on the Marketplace.

My app was bundled by Microsoft to ship on all Huawei C8300 devices in China (See more about that here). On top of that, there were other efforts inside my team where people used my app as a reference to develop their features.

As of July 21, 2010, the application has 151,116 downloads. It was the 11th most popular application in the US market:

At one point in time, my app was chosen as one of the Showcase apps that Microsoft hand picked:

Originally I only have English version of the program, but after I released the first version people really loved it and offered to translate it. In the end, with help of volunteers’ translation I managed to release the application out in 19 different regions on the Marketplace!

  1. DE-DE
  2. DE-AT
  3. FR-FR
  4. FR-BE
  5. FR-CA
  6. FR-LU
  7. PT-PT
  8. PT-BR
  9. IT-IT
  10. NL-NL
  11. NL-BE
  12. EN-NZ
  13. EN-IN
  14. EN-AU
  15. EN-CA
  16. EN-GB
  17. EN-IE
  18. EN-SG
  19. EN-US

Application Screenshots