Driven by the Mission

I hope whoever reads this go and take the first step towards their dream or towards a cause they’re passionate about. Just start with one step first.

I was reminded again last week of the power of a goal. It reminds me of the relentless pursuit of championships for NBA players. It reminds me of the camaraderie my team had when introducing the world to a radical change in UX direction for Windows Phone. It reminds me of my company Kash’s mission to kill the stranglehold of credit cards on in-person paperless payment. It reminds me of Indiegogo’s mission. It reminds me of Ang Lee’s dream.

Indiegogo’s Story

You should really read up on this interview and this interview with Indiegogo’s Danae Ringelmann. There are so many great things she talks about in regards to Indiegogo’s mission to “democratize finance”. Danae speaks of her desire to provide a “gatekeeper-free way for any small business to access capital”. I love it. Equal opportunities for all in life is something I feel as important. Similarly I feel that “education for all” is also an important goal that organizations like Khan Academy is doing.

Home in on a goal is probably the easiest way to be relentless. Danae recalls her feeling, “I almost felt like it was my duty to see this idea through, like the world needed me to see this idea through.” Now that’s a powerful drive. Danae also says that they’ll never lose sight of the mission and how every decision being made are being influenced by that goal.

That’s the power of the mission.

Ang Lee’s Story

I was reminded of Ang Lee’s struggles and triumphs as they were so movingly documented. He had a dream job doing something atypical of most people’s careers. Through extremely hard times and helped by people around him, he was finally able to achieve his dream.

The goal is so powerful.

However, as moving as Ang’s story is, it’s very important to move past feelings and towards action. Danae touched on this as well. You don’t achieve your dream by daydreaming. You achieve your dream by taking the first step to overcome inertia, and then keep taking the next step.