Launching Kash

May 2, 2014 / Start-up, AvidTap, Kash, AvidRetail

Great news! The AvidTap team pulled the trigger on launching v1 of Kash to the broader world yesterday. Visit and download the app from App Store or Play Store. At the moment we support paying friends and family in the app but our vision is to bring the same capabilities into stores. Stay tuned for that.

What an insane couple months it’s been since we told the world about Kash at Dx3. As a team we did some herculean feat. With my co-founder Geoff on money transfer backend, my friend Steve on Android app, Pritesh on API and me on iPhone app, we submitted a MVP to App Store in a week. That’s 1 week from written plan to executed MVP! All I can say is that I went home at 8:30AM one day trying very hard to push MVP out the door.

It took some back and forth with Apple asking clarification for what we do before the app was allowed into App Store. I guess not many people out there trying to do what we’re doing. Unfortunately we still had to delay the rollout due to us waiting on some legal processes. But it feels great to finally unleash it now.