"Your binary is not optimized for iPhone 5" Issue

April 16, 2014 / Mad Coding, Apple, Start-up, iOS, iPhone, XCode

It took me a while to find the solution to this, so I’m blogging to hopefully help other people find it. If you are getting the following error message during Apple App Store validation, then see the solution below.

Validation Error

Your binary is not optimized for iPhone 5 - New iPhone apps and app updates submitted must support the 4-inch display on iPhone 5 and must include a launch image with the -568h size modifier immediately following the &<basename&> portion of the launch image’s filename. Launch image must be PNG files and located at the top-level of your bundle, or provided within each .lproj folder if you localize your launch images. Learn more about iPhone 5 support and app launch images by reviewing the ‘iOS Human Interface Guidelines’ at ‘https://developer.apple.com/…/MobileHIG/IconsImages/IconsImages.html#/…’ and the ‘iOS App Programming Guide’ at ‘https://developer.apple.com/…/iPhoneOSProgrammingGuide/App-RelatedResources/App-RelatedResources.html#/…’.


I found the solution in a github issue discussion here. Credits to David Casali.

I’m mirroring the solution David posted here:

This issue was tricky because I had all the right images and dimensions as per Apple documentation (Default.png, Default@2x.png, Default-568h@2x.png). I put them into the LaunchImage asset catalog, but couldn’t figure out why it still fails to validate.