2-Weeks Until Demo Day

October 7, 2013 / Start-up, AvidTap

Wow! It’s been 2 months since I last blogged. In the blink of an eye we’re now 2 weeks away from HyperDrive demo day on Oct 18.

The reason I’ve been missing in action on my blog is because I’ve been extremely busy cranking out code. Around the last time I blogged in August, we received a cheque from a store for a delivery date at the beginning of Sept. It was great that somebody would hand us money before we had the complete product to give to him, but it also meant we had to get going with development.

After 1 month of hard work, we deployed AvidRegister to a very successful coffee shop with the best customer service I’ve ever seen. The people working there knows 85% of their customers by name and what they typically get. Much of this is due to their loyalty program, and we improved on their process through AvidTap integration. We can now offer the same great functionality to other partner stores through AvidRegister.

Since then we’ve been kept busy adding new partner stores, and listening to their feedback. Soon you’ll be able to download our app from the Play Store and play with the demo mode. We have much more to show with an upcoming update to the AvidTap app.

Our vision for mobile retail is coming together. Come see our pitch on demo day. The details are below:

HYPERDRIVE Cohort 3 Demo Day
Friday, October 18 | 1:30pm - 3:30pm
@The Tannery Event Centre
151 Charles St. W., Kitchener, ON