Evolution of the AvidTap Box

June 15, 2013 / Start-up, AvidTap

UPDATE: Added photos of AvidTap stickers as well

Two months have rapidly went by since I last talked about AvidTap in more detail. A lot has happened since April.

AvidTap Box

Take our hardware for example, we’ve done several iterations for the AvidTap box. It went from a breadboard on my desk to a 3D-printed version, to a much more polished version. Aside from the exterior, the innards have also seen some changes and we brought the cost down even more.

Just like when I was working on Windows Phone I love the feeling of having something tangible in my hands. Smartphone does that for me, and in this case the AvidTap box feels awesome. It’s even a physical thing that I can show my parents.

AvidTap Sticker

Similarly our sticker design has also been improved. We went from something that Kaz threw together quickly to something much more fun.

Improved Facebook Login

The AvidTap app had Facebook login feature for quite a while, but its use was minimal. However, things changed after we did a re-design.

In the beginning, I believed that it was because people are hesitant about logging in with Facebook. Even my own cousin didn’t want to do that with me sitting right beside her. Personally I wouldn’t login via Facebook until I’ve verified via a proxy that it really is Facebook an app is talking to. I’m paranoid like that.

Geoff sent out a link on a great login screen. We’ve since then changed the initial screen taking some of the points mentioned. Since then we’ve seen steady increase in people logging in using Facebook. That cuts down on the number of people who fat-finger their email address.

Providing Value

During this time we’ve also sent out our analytics report and received great feedback. For one of the stores the owner actually puts it into immediate use! We showed him who his top customers are, and the next day when one of them came back the owner gave her some freebies. What an awesome way to reward your best customer and make them feel special.

One time while I was in one of our partner stores setting up our new box, I saw a customer came in and launched the AvidTap app to tap in. It’s an awesome feeling to see people use it for real!