Personal Welcome Email

May 2, 2013 / Start-up, AvidTap

At the beginning of April, I read this article on how to do email right as I took public transit to the office. I immediately put it into use for AvidTap’s welcome emails, and since then it’s proven to be extremely effective.

This is the original email that my co-founder wrote:

Hi there!

Welcome to AvidTap! You have already found us, now it is time to visit some of our retail partners. They offer the best food, gifts, drinks, snacks and products you can find. Remember, the more you visit an AvidTap partner the higher your chances are for winning amazing rewards.

Have fun and always #tap2win. Tell your friends about AvidTap for even more entries into our draws.

Have fun!


PS If you ever have questions about AvidTap just email me or We love computers but a real living person will respond to you.

PPS If you are a retailer and want to join the AvidTap community, email me at

After reading the article I wrote the email below. I also modified the code to send the email 10 minutes after the new user actually used AvidTap to make it less like an automated email.

Hi there,

I’m Kaz, CEO of AvidTap. Saw you registered just now and wanted to say hello :)

What did you think about tapping in with your phone?
Do you have any questions I can help out with?


PS here is my cellphone number (647) ###-####. Give me a call anytime. If I’m awake I’ll pick up.

Once we switched to the more personal email seeking for feedback, we’ve seen lots of responses. We’ve gotten great feedback from people saying that they love mobile loyalty on their phone, we also had great feedback on what doesn’t work quite well, and we also got in contact with potential people we could partner with.

Comparing the two emails, the original starts with a bunch of marketing speak that people likely just skims and hit the delete button. We only start mentioning we want feedback after the signature. The new email is more personal and makes seeking feedback its primary objective because we really want them.

It is extremely effective and very crucial for a startup to get these feedbacks. Highly recommended!