A decade later, OCVolume used in Nepal

April 12, 2012 / OCVolume

The OCVolume category contains posts with emails I received regarding OCVolume. It was 2002 when I wrote OCVolume with couple high school friends. A decade later I received this email from someone in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Hi Danny

This is Ganesh from Nepal. It was one year back, me and my team used were planning to use do final year project on speech recognition using HMM/VQ. We spend few months on coding ..got stuck and finally found OCVolume.

We used OCVolume for Vector Quantization and Hidden markov model training/classification. The code was so good and easy to understand.  We corrected Null Pointer Exception error that we got found in HMM initialization part. And it worked a charm. We trained 45 multi-syllable words spoken by 10 different speakers, got unbelievable recognition rate.

After completing my undergraduate, i did another simple project - Mouse Gesture Recognition using HMM and used the same code for HMM/VQ. Again it worked perfectly.

I posted few posts about my tasks on my blog and many people (all are students) started asking me to share the code. And have been giving them the link  of OCVolume’s site at SourceForge.net.

And I am planning to upload the codes of both projects to googlecode. Since this includes the code( under all copyright terms)  developed by your team, I just wanted to let you know.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a nice day…

Thank You,