Why can't I be MVP of the league?

I wanted to blog about this for a while now whether or not Derrick Rose becomes the MVP or not. For those who don’t know, Derrick Rose is a professional basketball player on the Chicago Bulls team. He said to reporters before the beginning of the NBA season, “Why can’t I be MVP of the league?”, and now months later NBA.com just announced that he is the MVP of the league!

The reason I wanted to blog about his quote is because I like his attitude. He doesn’t seem arrogant, but determined and works hard. He doesn’t set a ceiling for himself, which we set for ourselves all too often. Last week I also learned about George Dantzig, who didn’t know the two problems his professor wrote on the board was “unsolvable”, so he went ahead and solved them. How many times do we encounter something which we immediately claim to be impossible?

The first step to achieving something is to believe that it can be done. It is the belief and motivation that fuels us all. I don’t know why we even need the term “self motivation” because all motivations must originate from ourselves. In Derrick Rose’s case, he became the MVP in the same season, but even if he didn’t it appears that he is motivated and determined that he can be the best. During my vacation last week, I also finished reading the book “The Passionate Programmer”. It’s a really good book that my mentor bought and gave to me as a gift. The book talked about “The easiest way to never get anything done is to never commit to anything”. To reach our goals, we need to be motivated, and be commited, not giving up, don’t quit after failures. I’m still rooting for Steve Nash to win a championship, but I’m hoping that Derrick Rose will continue with his career with the same attitude as he displayed this year.