Another prototype, another prize won

October 16, 2010 / Microsoft

My current team is quite awesome. We just had our 2nd ProtoFest, and I’m really happy people liked my idea. ProtoFest is just an event when anybody can show off their prototype, and we have various prizes that people vote on to determine the winners.

In the first ProtoFest, I showed off a bunch of ideas and won the “The Kitchen Magician” (as seen on TV). Yes, the prizes are generally some silly, random, sometimes cool things.

The 2nd ProtoFest had a bigger prize in the form of a xbox/kinect combo (among other random prizes). There were about 10 demos, and we voted for our favorite prototype by writing the presenter’s name on post-it notes. While the votes were being counted, our release manager got people to raise their hands to vote for the random prizes. I won a “remote controlled fart machine”.

After the votes were counted, the lead PM announced that there was a tie between my mentor Adrian and me. So we were asked to close our eyes and they again had people raise hands to vote. It turned out that we reached a tie again! At that point I think the GPM decided that both Adrian and I would win a xbox/kinect combo. I am happy people liked my idea and I won a xbox for doing nothing more than what I like to do. When I finally receive it, I plan to donate it to somebody (maybe children’s hospital).