Spanish visitor

April 12, 2005 / OCVolume

The OCVolume category contains posts with emails I received regarding OCVolume. Emails I got before 2005. OCVolume was being used by Spanish visitors :)

Here are some emails I got (PII replaced):

Thanks Dany, I’d changed the microphone, and I Can integrate (in a Prototype) ocvolume in part of my application. We keep in touch, for comment to you my development. Bye. :)


Hi Danny, I’m ____, remember to me?.

Ok., I want to use “ocvolume” API, for controling a Frame (Buttons, Mouse, etc.), but I’ve been test and when I say “uno” (Spanish - One), the VoiceType put “tres” or “dos”, my Microphone has been configurated :(

Plis.. what I can Do? Really I need to Integrate ocVolume for a prototipe web browser controled for voice .. My page: My English is not so very Good , excuse me, please .!)