aMSN is simply the BEST MSN client out there

November 6, 2004 / Linux Unix QNX

for me amsn has everything I want

I don’t like gaim and its incomplete MSN features…
only thing I did like about gaim is that it displays a little bit of history in your chat window, so that I know what I was talking about last time.

NOW with release of amsn 0.94 and its new plugin system, this little feature of gaim is there too! :D

one of the most annoying thing about MSN is that people sometimes use nicknames like: “I have a billion things that I want to put in my MSN name and I don’t care how annoying it gets trying to read whatever I type.”

aMSN has a feature called “friendly name” and that takes care of it. Note that this is not just client side alias… I can have a really really long nickname and have a friendly name set to “danny”. When you see me on msn, you’ll see my long nickname but when actually chatting, you’ll see “danny says:”. short and simple.

aMSN also supports other people’s custom emoticons… file transfer simply works! other than I guess video & voice conference feature, aMSN is the most complete client I find.