Accelerated-X Summit Series v2.2.2

March 20, 2004 / Linux Unix QNX

Accelerated-X is a commercial X Windows System made by Xi Graphics (

I knew that there are commercial X alternatives to XFree, but I didn’t know any of the names. Last night I found out about, so I decided to give their product a try.

The installation was very easy. They provided RPMs for all the things required. The only thing I had to do was compile xsvc since I’m using 2.6.x kernel… You don’t need to mess around with recompiling kernel to get 3D to work. All I did was install the things necessary, ran the Xsetup program to choose what hardware I have and voila! glxgears was giving me consistently over 1400 FPS. :)

I loved it at first try since it’s so easy to set up. However, I am not sure if you can change the cursor with Accelerated-X… that was the only feature that seems to be missing. the Xsetup program is very useful and supports quite a bit of hardware! Even though I didn’t try, I think Xsetup allows you to set up multiple pointer devices easily! That means I can probably set up my Wacom tablet quite easily too.

Only down side to Accelerated-X was that it will automatically close after 25mins if you don’t have a license. I couldn’t find one, and I don’t want to pay nearly $100 for the Platinum edition. :(

I removed some GL stuff when installing Accelerated-X, so I reinstalled XFree afterwards. I wanted to compare the glxgears output, and guess what I found? with XFree, my FPS is around 1000… which is lower than the 1400 I was getting from Accelerated-X >:(