Kash's Successful Y Combinator S14 Application

September 27, 2015 / Start-up, Kash, YC, YCombinator

I did a brain dump of my YC interview experience before and gave advice on people’s YC applications. Today I want to point out that we’ve published the successful application we wrote so anyone can take a peek.

Check out the application and the video on the Kash blog: http://www.withkash.com/blog/2015/08/27/applying-to-yc-part-2/

Some of our approach and strategy isn’t the same as what’s in our application anymore. That’s because of the learnings we’ve had since we wrote it. However, the main underpinning of our thinking hasn’t changed at all.

Looking back, it’s interesting to note that we actually built a whole Venmo for Canada in one month. When I talked about my YC interview experience, the P2P experiment was what we did between getting accepted into YC and the official start date of YC. We were cranking at full speed. That was when I cranked out the iPhone app in a week and when Kaz got us the necessary legal paperwork in Canada. We aren’t doing that anymore based on what we saw, but I’ve seen other startups and mega corps looking into it since then. I wish them good luck!

Sometimes people ask whether they should apply, and I’d tell them that working through the YC application is an excellent way to ask yourself some hard questions. The way I like to think about it is in terms of convincing myself that whatever I’m working on is worth the life I’m spending on it. What evidences do you have that convinces you of that? What secrets and contrarian believes have you found that others don’t share? What domain knowledge and insights about people have you discovered?