DirectX Game Engine

Three of my classmates and I were on our co-op work term in different cities, but we still decided to have some fun trying to write a DirectX game engine together. We held weekly meeting on Sundays using webcam and chat to get things done. We used perforce as our source control software and in the end of the project we were able to make a skeleton character walk and avoid obstacles by clicking somewhere on the screen.

The exact replication of our project tracking page is show below:


Project Goals (by March 13, 2004)

Game should be able to receive input via clicking on screen. Hero will walk according to translated map location and camera following our Hero.

Revised Project Goals (by March 20, 2004)

Have an AnimatedMesh moving towards a house (after mouse clicking on screen)… GameCamera following the Hero and perform collision detection to allow Hero to stop right in front of the house.

Project Goals (by March 27, 2004)

Integrate bounding sphere collision detection with quadtree detection. Hero can attack other units, other units will react when hit. Game Menus will be ready, be able to switch between game states. Should have Lighting and more models to work with.

Project Goals (by end first week of April)

Enemy units will be able to automatically initiate attack at the Hero. Have weather conditions. Have Level Editor. Units can go around things to reach destination.

Project Goals (end of term)

A person walking in a terrain hitting people; with menus; simple game logic;

Current Status

Game Engine has the following capabilities:

Team Members


Main Components: Game Logic, Game Engine, Win32

Game Logic Modules

Pink: High PriorityBlue: Medium Priority

Module Name Description Status Developers
Map load from file, contain game logic map, pass pointer to terrain of vertices under development Danny
Menu display menu with items, etc under development Brian
Load Game File load map data, load character data, load misc data… strictly file i/o. not started
Characters health, type, state, location and movement on the given map under development Danny
Inanimate objects building, tree, boat. etc… under development Danny
Game camera higher level camera for game under development Felix
Input handling reads input and does game logic (GameInput) under development Brian
AI later not started Felix

Major Components for Game Engine

Graphics Modules

Module Name Description Status Developers
Camera controls the scene camera (multiple cameras?) under development Felix
Mesh Manage all loaded mesh good for now Johnny
Model Manager Manage all loaded models, and use the structure for culling under development Johnny
Pick transforms a 2D input (mouse) into which polygon it corresponds to in 3D world under development Brian
Animation Similar to 3DMeshFrame except this is for animation
Classes involved: 3DAnimMeshFrame, 3DMeshHierarchy
under development
  • Base class for all Models
  • Classes involved: 3DMeshFrame
pending review Johnny
Terrain takes map data, and build terrain mesh, handles the textures good for now Danny
Lighting vertex lighting, light mapping not started
2D drawing draw a 2d image on to screen (bitmaps), text, basic shapes(?) good for now Brian
Scene Manager Manage all drawing operation to optimize render state changes not started
D3D Module Interface to D3D Device good for now
D3DEnum enumeration used in the d3d application, such as vertex, config etc. not started
Derived Models derived models from 3DModel such as character, inanimate object suspended
Particles particle not started
demo show off and test graphics modules on going Everyone

Game Modules

Module Name Description Status Developers
Game Interface Game logic will never touch any class except for this one inital phase

Other Modules

Module Name Description Status Developers
Collision Detection collision detection under development Danny
Input mouse and keyboard input good for now
Sound work on later not started
Timer global timer to synchronize all components in game engine good for now
Physics work on later not started