It has begun...

January 11, 2007 / Linux Unix QNX, Miscellaneous

The famous CS Real-Time Programming course has just starting to extend its claws into my student life in my last school term. Assignment 1 which caused me to spend hours and hours in the trains lab is only a small part and the most easy portion of the course.

For those unfamiliar with the course, see that there was an article written about it:

The course web page can be found at

The RTOS QNX has its roots in the CS452 course as well.

Those trains in the newspaper article looks nicer than the ones I’m currently working with. The hardware has a lot of faulty or broken parts. The lack of documentation and confusing information make the assignment more difficult than it should be.

That said, playing around with trains is fun. I was very excited to see my trains move the first time. When I get a figure 8 going I’ll be sure to take a video.