xcin chinese input

March 30, 2004 / Linux Unix QNX

In order to type chinese to friends… you gotta set up XCIN or similar stuff

so one of the reasons why windows is so good is that I can name my files in CJK languages… I can also play my mp3s in foobar2000 viewing CJK text

In the process of finding how I can name my files in different languages and see them correctly instead of ?’s, I came across XCIN.

You can use XCIN to type chinese under linux. It has many input methods and since it’s developed by tw ppl… (I think, since xcin.linux.org.tw is the site) It has “phone” input :)

I don’t know pinyin or anything ㄅㄆㄇ is what I know :D

I knew I want cjk and nls flags at the start already, so I compiled everything (glibc, etc) w/ these flags enabled in gentoo… all I had to do was emerge xcin and set some environment variables.

setenv LC_CTYPE zh_TW.big5 that’s right, I use tcsh, not bash… still a FreeBSD fan at heart and that’s it! I can do shift + space to get a nice little input window pop up

oh! actually you gotta start xcin& when startx as well…

better yet! you can have zh_TW.UTF-8 locale if you download firefly patch! I got it off taiwan gentoo forum :D go taiwan! http://forums.gentoo.org.tw