finally! an up-to-date FreeBSD LiveCD!

March 14, 2004 / FreeBSD

it’s called FreeSBIE

Kevin is trying to set up DUMMYNET at ScanSoft Montreal so they can simulate network conditions for testing.

I told him about thewall, which was able to load 3COM driver needed by the computers in the lab. However, there’s one problem: DUMMYNET wasn’t compiled into thewall’s kernel by default :( so what do you do? I thought about compiling my own version of thewall, and so I did. [download] :) you can use the same driver.flp from thewall’s website

While browsing on, I found the news about FreeSBIE! It’s a LiveCD project (Meaning you can boot the OS from CD and use it right away w/o installation!). There is another LiveCD project that’s like… FBSD 4.6 or something? Even though you can make your own, it’s still quite a bit of trouble. FreeSBIE, on the other hand, is running on the newest FreeBSD 5.2.1!

on Linux side you have Knoppix and Gnoppix, NOW I can say FreeSBIE for FreeBSD systems! Default WM is mixture of XFCE and GNOME stuff I believe! It looks awesome! :D

ok so that’s the good news… let me rewind back to thewall for a bit. thewall is based on picoBSD, and according to the author (of thewall), thewall won’t build on FreeBSD 4.6 and up. :( due to floppy size restrictions… I wasted a lot of time trying b/c I was using 4.9-RELEASE.

In the end, I had to find the ISO for 4.5-RELEASE to be able to build it successfully for a 1.44 floppy disk. well, tried downgrade from 4.9-RELEASE but that didn’t go so well. make buildworld failed…

What does this mean when people want to find FreeBSD floppy disk solutions??? They’ll need to turn to older fbsd versions from now on?